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IEA responds to Government’s post-Brexit immigration proposals

The IEA’s Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz responded to the Government’s announcement for a new points-based immigration system post-Brexit 

“The Government’s decision to bring in a point-based immigration system is likely to have a number of unintended consequences.

“The proposed new immigration system puts too much power in the hands of central government. Businesses need a variety of workers – with a range of skills and salary expectations – and are better placed than the state to decide what is missing from the current labour market.

“The decision to reduce the salary threshold from £30,000 to £25,600 is a welcome move. However, by deliberately focusing on limiting low-skilled migration, the scheme is likely to have a significant negative impact on staffing levels in many industries, including the care system, construction and hospitality, especially in the short-term.

“We need a fairer immigration system that focuses on the public’s actual concerns – such as integration and social cohesion – whilst also maximising the economic benefits that migration can bring.”

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For IEA reading on immigration, click here.

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Home Secretary announces new UK points-based immigration system

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