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IOPC statement following conclusion of inquest into the death of a woman

An Independent Office for Police Conduct investigation into the death of a woman who died in her home following police contact found that officers acted in line with procedures and did all they could to help save her life.

Yasmin Jasiak, 54, was found deceased on 17 March 2021 after Northumbria Police officers visited a private residence due to concerns raised by a neighbour.

An inquest held last week concluded with the Coroner recording a narrative conclusion of cardiac arrest associated with hanging, due to post traumatic stress disorder and intoxication.

We began our investigation in March 2021, which concluded in July 2021, following a mandatory referral from Northumbria Police. We found no evidence to suggest that Northumbria Police officers may have caused or contributed to Ms Jasiak’s death.

On 16 March, Northumbria Police sent two police officers to visit Ms Jasiak, who arrived at her home just before 11pm.

When they arrived, the officers found Ms Jasiak upset and distressed, but after speaking to her for a period of time she declined all assistance

The officers took advice from the force mental health Street Triage Team who advised them that, in the circumstances, they should leave the house.

After the officers left, it was established that an unidentified woman sent a text message to a London based charity saying that she was going to take her own life.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) made various attempts to identify and locate the woman and, on doing so, passed her name and location to Northumbria Police. Northumbria Police recognised that it was the same woman the officers had previously attended to and the original officers returned to Ms Jasiak’s address.

After finding her unresponsive, they performed CPR and called for an ambulance. We found the officers did all they could to provide a duty of care to Ms Jasiak in order to attempt to save her life and they acted in line with their training, policies and procedures.

IOPC Regional Director Miranda Biddle recently said:

“Our thoughts remain with Ms Jasiak’s family and friends and all those affected by her death.

“These officers found themselves in a distressing situation and we agree with the Coroner who commended their efforts to try to save Ms Jasiak’s life in the difficult circumstances they faced.

“It is our role to investigate all the circumstances surrounding the death of someone who dies following or during contact with the police.

“Evidence gathered during our investigation was shared with the Coroner to help inform the inquest into Ms Jasiak’s death, hopefully helping to answer any outstanding questions her family may have had.”


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