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IPPR - Colleges are struggling to find ways to cope with increased demand for mental health support

Craig Thorley, IPPR senior research fellow on health, responded to survey findings from the Association of Colleges on the number of young people being referred to A&E by colleges because of mental health conditions

“Like schools and universities, colleges are struggling to find ways to cope with increased demand for mental health support among students.

“IPPRs research has shown that the government must recognise the important role for colleges in early intervention in identifying and supporting young people with mental health problems.

“It must require the NHS to meaningfully involve schools, colleges and universities in decisions on how to organise mental health services locally, and ensure that there are clear routes into NHS provision for the most serious cases.

“Without this joined-up approach led by government, many young people’s mental health problems will go unnoticed and they won’t get the help they need.”


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Editor’s Notes:

1. IPPRs recent report ‘Education, education, mental health’ looked at mental health provision for young people in education:

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