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Important news for Better connected 2015

We announce today the tasks that Socitm Insight has selected as the main topics for next year’s survey of the state of council websites. The Better connected team is now piloting these tasks and we expect that most will be confirmed for the final survey that starts on Sunday 26 October. The survey ends on Saturday 6 December and the report will be published as normally on Monday 2 March.

We will continue the practice introduced in 2013 of not listing councils that do not subscribe or have not pre-ordered their copy of the report by Friday 24 October.

Although we will still survey the sites of those non-subscribing councils in order to provide comprehensive coverage for best practice, we will not list them in the report or identify them in the supporting spreadsheets. 

We are inviting non-subscribers to either subscribe to Socitm Insight or to pre-order a copy of the full report an advance at a discounted charge of £450 (£395 for Socitm members), which will also ensure a full copy of the specialist third party accessibility assessment. Offer closes Friday 24 October.

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