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Innovative approach to embedding sustainability into early years wins international award

We're delighted to learn that our Early Childhood Education for Sustainability resource – which aims to embed sustainability and STEM into early years education whilst supporting educators in making sustainability a central part of their practice – has been recognised with a major international award.

Developed in collaboration with Dr Diane Boyd of Liverpool John Moors University, our innovative project has now been selected for the 2022 Education for Sustainable Development Award by the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEP).

Janet King, our Sector Manager for Education and Childcare, recently said:

“This award is fantastic recognition of the importance of this resource. STEM subjects are critical as they help children to make sense of the world by exploring and asking questions.

“Through STEM, children begin to connect with and develop a passion for the environment, for nature, their relationship with nature and the criticality of sustainability. We all have a responsibility to sustainability – an appreciation of our relationship with the environment, a respect of the world around us and the greater order of nature.

“This resource identifies opportunities to embed the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals and provides practitioners and parents with a greater understanding of our responsibilities to each other, and the world in which we live.”

OMEP, who work across the globe to enhance recognition of human rights in early childhood, praised our resource for its ability to support a wide range of groups, including students during their training and parents with young children, as well as practitioners in early years education.

It also recognised the holistic approach to ensuring sustainability can become entrenched into early years education – helping to secure long-term impact. The resource provides innovative yet simple and straightforward ideas, enabling practitioners to easily make sustainability a key part of their work.

Dr Diane Boyd recently said:

“I am particularly thrilled to have won this award because its prominence through the OMEP world conference will give an international platform to the Sustainable Development Goals in early childhood and hopefully, as a result, will offer more possibilities for the future.”

The award is set to be officially presented later this year at the World OMEP conference in Athens.

Learn more about our resource and our early years education opportunities.


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