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Inside Policy: Unlocking the potential of young people

Blog posted by: , 02 February 2022 – Categories: A great place to workA Modern Civil ServiceAn Ambitious Civil ServiceAn Innovative Civil Service.

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Since 2014, the Civil Service has provided around 6,000 work placements every year to jobless youngsters. Here, Debbie Alder explains how Movement to Work helps crack the vicious ‘no experience - no job’ cycle to help youngsters nail their first step on the job ladder.

Young people have had it tough during COVID-19 – opportunities halted, social lives curtailed and in DWP we saw a 115% rise in young people claiming benefits at the height of the pandemic. While things have improved economically since 2020, there remains a significant gap in youth unemployment compared to the national picture. Supporting this important group, supporting those who are the future of our country, the future of our country’s success, has never been more important as an aspiration. 

Movement to Work (MtW) as an organisation supports employers to provide work placements that combine employability skills training with on-the-job experience. 

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