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Investigation update - fatal police shooting of Yassar Yaqub

Investigation update – fatal police shooting of Yassar Yaqub, (19 February 2021).

Steve Noonan, the IOPC's Director of Major Investigations, recently said:

“Our investigation into the death of Yassar Yaqub concluded in 2019. Our detailed final report has been shared with West Yorkshire Police and HM Coroner. The outcome of our investigation has been shared with Mr Yaqub’s family and interested parties, while recommendations for learning have also been published on our website. A copy of our final report has recently been shared with Mr Yaqub’s family and interested parties.

“Our investigation was comprehensive and detailed. Police were treated as witnesses throughout the investigation and the report did not indicate that any officer may have committed a criminal offence or behaved in a manner that would justify the bringing of disciplinary proceedings.

“Due to the investigation’s complexity, as well as a parallel criminal investigation and subsequent trial in late 2018 which restricted our access to a number of key witnesses, there was an inevitable impact on when we could finalise our investigation. We recognise that this will have effected Mr Yaqub’s family.

“It would not be appropriate for the IOPC to publish a report or provide further information until the inquest is concluded. As always, our thoughts remain with all those affected by Mr Yaqub’s death.”


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