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IoTUK Nation Database Launches

2018 database provides a snapshot of IoT activity in the UK.

IoTUK have published their 2018 Nation Database which provides a snapshot of IoT activity across the UK. The database and visualisation of the data demonstrates the sectors that the 1020 IoT businesses included in the data are in, where they are located, when they were founded, revenue and size of the organisations. Collated from open data and web data, the database, whilst not completely comprehensive, is the most complete picture of IoT activity in the UK. 

The data base tracks the sectors that companies are primarily interested in;

techUK has long supported the IoTUK programme and is pleased to see that it is continuing to showcase the IoT projects that are happening in the UK. Understandably IoT is not accounted for under normal ONS data collection methods which means that it is harder to discern the level of activity in the UK. This database, which is underestimates activity, provides a firm data point around which to gather further evidence - and also helps to demonstrate the distributed nature of IoT activity across the UK. 


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