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JRF - Scottish Budget: missed opportunity to get to grips with child poverty

Campbell Robb, Chief Executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation, responded to yesterday’s Scottish draft Budget

“The Scottish Government is right to make tackling poverty a top priority. It is unacceptable that one million people in Scotland are trapped in poverty. The proposals outlined in the draft Budget show a willingness to act. However, current reforms fall significantly short of the bold action we need to solve poverty in Scotland.

“We support the Government’s Disability Employment Action Plan as it will provide much-needed help for disabled parents to access fair work. It is also encouraging to see the Government recognise it is essential to invest in social security if we are to make it effective at loosening the grip of poverty on families. But, people who are struggling today cannot afford to wait until 2022 for the promised Income Supplement to provide extra support.

“In the upcoming Budget negotiations, the priority should be for political parties to work together to help those in poverty now, including mothers and families where there is a disability.”

Read full details of the Scottish Budget 2019/20.

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