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JRF responds to Government promise to ban no-fault evictions

Campbell Robb, chief executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation, responds to news that the Government plans to ban no-fault evictions

“It is morally wrong that people are evicted from their homes with no good reason, and it is absolutely right that this should be tackled. Too many people in the UK are pushed into homelessness or having their lives disrupted at short notice because section 21 has been a relatively easy option for private landlords.

“A secure and stable home should be the bedrock on which people can build a better life for themselves and the families, whether they are in the private sector or social housing. This is a serious step in improving the lives of tenants – we now need to see the housing and social security systems work together to ensure that people are not swept into poverty due to the shortage of low cost rented homes.”

Government announces end to unfair evictions

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