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JRF response to Onward's report, Human Capital

Claire Ainsley, executive director of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation, who funded the research responded to Onward’s new report, Human Capital 

“Tackling the unacceptable rises in poverty among working families and rebalancing our economy is vital to bridging the Brexit divides that exist across the UK. As the jobs of the future are created, we must equip low-skilled workers with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed.

"With work changing, we need to unlock more opportunities so people can access well-paid, secure jobs. We know women, people from ethnic minorities and those with few qualifications already face barriers. Our next Prime Minister has to unlock training opportunities for the 8.5 million low-skilled workers, and commit to bold levels of investment to rebalance our economy in a way that helps deliver the jobs and skills places need to thrive in the future."

Human Capital - Onward

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