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Johnson quits the stage, but his foreign policy plays on


Despite the theatrics of Boris Johnson resigning, the UK approach to global issues such as Ukraine, China, and the Indo-Pacific will not change with a new leader.

The UK prime minister’s detractors – old and new, sincere and opportunist – have been comparing his refusal to go with that of former US president Donald Trump. Far-fetched as that might be, one clear similarity is that even his closest allies were raising the alarm by the end.

What changed in Boris Johnson’s case was not his behaviour, but a belated view that it was more a liability than a virtue as Conservative MPs began to see the damage he was wreaking on Britain’s politics, stability – and their own prospects of re-election.

Crucially, with the world facing a series of crises of ever-increasing intensity and frequency, what difference will the departure of this most bombastic of leaders make?

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