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Keeping people in work is the best way to help economy recover

Commenting on the GDP figures, Wales TUC General Secretary Shavanah Taj yesterday said:

“The news that Wales is now officially in a period of recession may not be unexpected, but that doesn’t make it any less damaging.

"It’s a clear reminder that Ministers in Westminister and Cardiff can no longer dither around the issue. They must do everything in their power to retain as many jobs as possible and support businesses with a viable future beyond October. This was how we avoided the worst outcomes in the last recession a decade ago, this is what we must do now.

“It’s important we don’t lose perspective on how this will genuinely impact people’s everyday lives, which is why a clear plan for job retention, support for the self employed and proper investment in public services.

"Focussing on fair work and decent job creation in green technology, automotive, construction and the aviation industry is the best way to mitigate the worst immediate effects of this recession.”


Original article link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/news/keeping-people-work-best-way-help-economy-recover

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