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Kickstart Scheme at Gemraj Technologies Ltd

Gemraj Technologies Ltd are proud to be a part of the Department for Work and Pensions Kickstart scheme, which is designed to help 16–24-year-olds get a foot on the employment ladder during these unprecedented times.

We at Gemraj Technologies Ltd (GTL) are supporting the Kickstart scheme by having already onboarded 14 excellent graduates.

At GTL, we do our best to ensure that the graduates gain more from this scheme than just employment experience. We provide a range of benefits such as training modules on workplace etiquette, personal development sessions with specifically assigned mentors and weekly lunches where the graduates can chat and build relationships.

The aim of all this is to provide the graduates with a well-rounded experience. So, regardless of whether their employment with GTL continues after this six-month scheme, they will be more experienced and more employable as a result.

Our Director has stated that he aims to support the Kickstart scheme by providing “innovative and enthusiastic” graduates, who had either been made redundant or who were looking for a new challenge, the chance to upskill themselves so that they are ready for industry opportunities. They gain 6 months experience and a solid reference letter, with the possibility of continuing with GTL after their 6 months.

When asked how the scheme has helped GTL, he explained that the graduates’ work has been an enabler and driver for more activities and projects. The graduates have greatly progressed as quick and enthusiastic learners in both digital marketing and cybersecurity.

The graduates have made a great contribution, with GTL’s LinkedIn followers jumping from 300 in March to over 1,600 in July. To help the graduates further, we encourage them to venture out and explore new avenues within GTL.

To give an example, Mara Luisa, a graduate in sales, stated that she enjoys her role in sales as she enjoys engaging with people. GTL provided her with the opportunity to choose the role that she felt suited her best.

Mara is also a mentor, small team leader and creator of the recruitment team. She describes each day as different, with new responsibilities arising depending on the needs of the company; she typically engages with clients, the sales team and the graduates.

Mara said that GTL provided her with an opportunity to grow, as she has learnt much about digital marketing, such as Google Ads and SEO, as well as sales, such as how to speak to various clients. She has also stated that she has been provided the freedom to engage with senior members of GTL, such as the CEO and CISO, and interact with them openly. Overall, Mara expressed that her time at GTL has been great.

At GTL, we’re committed to giving graduates that solid base that they need to gain experience and excel in their futures. The Kickstart scheme has been instrumental in helping us find our brilliant graduates, who have helped GTL to improve and grow into what it currently is.


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