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Kirsty Williams responds to report into Universities’ civic contribution

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams has thanked the Wales Centre for Policy (WCPP) for the recommendations offered in their new report on how universities should work with and involve their local communities.

The WCPP’s report comes as part of their review of how Welsh Universities embrace their civic mission by contributing to their local communities.

Speaking at the launch event at the Welsh Millennium Centre, the Education Secretary yesterday said:

“The report offers constructive challenge to me and government, but also to the sector and university leadership in Wales. 

“Our university sector is strong in its public good values and excellence, with high levels of student satisfaction and outstanding research impact, where Wales outperforms all other UK nations.

“Working together on maximising civic contribution is a Welsh national endeavour, where we can be an international leader.

“I hope that today’s policy paper helps provide yet more momentum for debate and policy development in Wales on civic contribution, and that Universities, individually and collectively, will now come forward with their own thoughts and ideas.”


Channel website: http://gov.wales

Original article link: https://gov.wales/newsroom/educationandskills/2018/kirsty-williams-responds-to-report-into-universities-civic-contribution/?lang=en

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