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LGA - Cold weather plan for England 2014

With winter soon upon us, find out how cold weather could affect you, and those around you. Public Health England with the LGA and NHS England has published this year's cold weather plan.

The guide details the practical things we can all do to minimise the risk to our health this winter.

Cold Weather Plan for England 2014 – gov.uk.website.

It is estimated that every year there are more than 25,000 excess winter deaths in England, many of which are preventable. The plan provides advice that people can take, before and during the winter, to reduce the risks to health.

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Chair of the LGA 's Community Wellbeing Board said:

"Soon the cold weather will be setting in and so it's important to be ahead of the curve and start planning now. We need everyone in our communities to be on the look-out for signs that something might be wrong. Whether it be milk bottles left outside, newspapers stuck in the letterbox or curtains drawn all day, any sort of unusual activity could be a sign that something is wrong and that someone is in need of help."

"Council teams will soon be on standby to help with everything from carrying out emergency household repairs like defrosting pipes and fixing frozen boilers to delivering hot meals and portable heaters, and will be checking in on elderly and vulnerable residents to make sure they are okay."

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