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LGA responds to Public Accounts Committee report on achieving net zero

Cllr David Renard, Environment spokesman for the Local Government Association, responded to a Public Accounts Committee report on achieving net zero 

“We are very pleased that the Committee has backed our call for a national fiscal and policy framework for addressing the climate emergency. This framework should outline responsibilities for the Government nationally as well as locally, with a commitment to working with local public sector bodies.

“We’re glad to see that our own recent climate change survey has been a valuable piece of work in the Committee’s decision, and it’s positive to see an emphasis on the role of local authorities in reaching net zero across the country.

“Net zero can only be achieved if decarbonisation happens in every place, community and household. Councils must have the necessary resources and be suitably supported by government.”

Government has “no plan” for achieving Net Zero, two years after setting target in law

Original article link: http://www.local.gov.uk/lga-responds-public-accounts-committee-report-achieving-net-zero

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