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LGA responds to RAC survey on state of our roads

LGA responds to a survey released by British automotive services company RAC on the state of the nation's roads.

Responding to a survey by RAC (British automotive services company) on the state of our roads, Cllr Peter Box, Transport Spokesman for the Local Government Association, said:

"While councils share the frustration of motorists at the state of our roads, it is impossible to compare repairing potholes with keeping children safe and caring for our elderly. With demand on these life and death services continuing to rise and funding from central government continuing to reduce, councils have little choice but to squeeze budgets for other services, such as maintaining our roads.

"Despite this challenge, councils fixed more potholes than ever before last year – one every 15 seconds – and keeping roads safe is one of the most important jobs we do.

"A £12 billion backlog of road repairs would already take councils more than a decade to clear. Current funding levels mean councils are only able to keep pace with patching up our roads and filling potholes rather than carrying out more cost-effective and long-term improvements.

"Long-term and consistent investment in local road maintenance is desperately needed in the Spending Review to improve road conditions for motorists and cyclists."

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