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LGA responds to TPA report on compensation paid by councils

LGA responds to research by the Taxpayers' Alliance revealing that councils in Great Britain have paid out more than £100 million in compensation claims over the last two years.

"Public safety and providing safe working environments for council staff is a priority for all local authorities who take seriously their responsibility to avoid compensation claims occurring in the first place.

"Compensation cases which do arise should be assessed by individual councils on a case by case basis and it is right that compensation is made available to people with genuine cases.

"Councils are determined to crack down on spurious cases which are a waste of the public purse and threaten councils' ability to protect the services people value the most.

"Councils strive to provide value for money for the taxpayer against a backdrop of rising funding pressures. Local authorities are still committed to fixing potholes and working with schools to provide teaching staff with classrooms where they and their pupils are happy and protected.

"It is worth noting that the £100 million paid out in compensation is less than 0.05 per cent of all local authorities' expenditure over the two-year period covered."

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