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LGA responds to new government advice to councils on adoption practices

A Local Government Association spokesperson responded to the Department for Education publishing new advice to councils on adoption practices 

“Councils share the Government’s ambition to make sure that children in care have stable, loving homes, including through adoption where appropriate, however we don’t believe that any one form of permanence is superior to others. What is most important is that children’s needs and their voices are at the centre of any decision made about their futures.

“Whichever option is best for a child, it is vital that all parts of the system are working well together, from councils and adoption agencies to the family courts, and we are keen to work with the Government to make sure this operates as well as it should.

“Councils have long welcomed applications from people of all backgrounds who are interested in adoption, and will continue to support those who are able to provide a loving, stable home for a child in care.

“Additional funding for Regional Adoption Agencies to recruit prospective adopters is good news, as is the extension of the Adoption Support Fund which has helped so many families. We urge the Government to also consider investing in the recruitment and support of foster carers to make sure that we have the most suitable placements available for all children.”

Councils urged to prioritise adoption

Original article link: https://www.local.gov.uk/lga-responds-new-government-advice-councils-adoption-practices

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