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LGA responds to public health England alcohol figures

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, LGA Community and Wellbeing spokesperson, responds to new figures from Public Health England on alcohol-related harm.

"While it is a positive trend that alcohol-related deaths in some parts of the country have fallen, in others, there has been an increase. One of the ways to tackle this issue is for a public health objective to be included within the Licensing Act. This would give councils the power to limit the opening of late-night premises in areas where there are particular concerns about the impact of alcohol on public health.

"Councils want to help people live healthier lives and tackle the harm caused by excessive drinking, but this extra licensing power would help them protect local communities from the spread of alcohol outlets and irresponsible promotions, by being able to refuse licence applications due to long-term health impacts, such as liver disease and cancer.

"The widespread availability of alcohol is not helping the 1.6 million adults in England who have an alcohol addiction and the associated treatment costs picked up by local authorities."

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