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LGA responds to the Brexit Health Alliance's briefing on public health

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Chairman of the LGA’s Brexit Taskforce, responded to the Brexit Health Alliance’s briefing calling on the UK and EU to ensure mutually beneficial co-ordination continues to safeguard the public from health threats 

“The UK is a world leader in tackling serious cross-border threats to health and has a well-developed health protection system highly regarded by European partners.

“After formal exit from the Union, it is vital that the UK and EU maintain a high level of cooperation in these areas to ensure all countries continue to be able to effectively address health inequalities, tackle chronic diseases and protect against serious health threats.

“It is in our collective interest to continue to collaborate closely, and to maintain access to our intelligence, risk assessment, guidance and advice.”


The LGA has previously warned that leaving the EU without access to reciprocal intelligence will weaken our ability to protect public health and the economy.

Original article link: https://www.local.gov.uk/about/news/lga-responds-brexit-health-alliances-briefing-public-health

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