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LGA statement on Resolution Foundation report on road pricing

Cllr Linda Taylor, Transport spokesperson for the Local Government Association responded to a report by the Resolution Foundation which calls for reforms to road policy due to the transition to electric vehicles 

“This report rightly highlights the urgency that is required to develop a workable alternative to fuel duty for electric vehicles.

“Whilst councils are working hard to support the transition to zero-emission vehicles, it is vital that we avoid a huge increase in traffic levels on our local roads, which according to official statistics, could be 54 per cent higher by 2060.

“There are already 8 million more cars on our roads since the turn of the century, which brings huge pressures locally on congestion, our air quality and demand for parking spaces.

“It is important that the Government takes steps to mitigate against this and help ensure that public transport and active travel remain attractive and affordable options.”  

New ‘Road Duty’ needed to avoid electric vehicle roll-out putting pressure on Britain’s public finances and crowded roads

Original article link: https://www.local.gov.uk/about/news/lga-statement-resolution-foundation-report-road-pricing

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