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Landlord Law online – take the course

The legal landscape is ever-changing, with each year bringing new rules for landlords.

This year has been no exception, with the extension of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations and the Tenant Fees Act, the introduction of new energy efficiency due in July – not forgetting the additional changes as a result of the new coronavirus legislation. 

With non-compliance often meaning prosecutions, penalties, fines or claims by tenants, it is important you stay up to speed.

As an NRLA member, you will of course, have access to member updates , guides, articles  and other information.

However if you would like to learn more, the NRLA can offer a special deal, allowing you access to a course including full recordings of this year’s Landlord Law Virtual Conference.

The conference was held on May 12 and 13, covering all the latest and upcoming legal changes and included a keynote presentation by NRLA Chief Executive, Ben Beadle.

Landlord Law Managing Director, Tessa Shepperson, has now produced an online course containing all 12 talks from the conference, plus the speaker’s PowerPoint presentations, the conference handbook, with all the speaker’s notes and bonus videos including a video about NRLA.

For a small additional cost you can also purchase an enhanced version, which includes audio recordings of  all the talks to download to your computer or phone.

The normal cost of the course is £150 for the basic version and £180 for the ‘extra’, version, including the recordings.

However, with the exclusive coupon code NRLAK98D members of the NRLA can get the basic course for £75 or the extra version for £90. 20% of all ticket sales go to homeless charity, Crisis UK.

The coupon code is valid until 10.30pm on June 15.


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