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Latest UK political party donations and loans published

17 political parties registered in Great Britain and Northern Ireland reported accepting a total of £9,136,764 in donations and public funds in the second quarter of 2020, (April to June), according to figures published by the Electoral Commission. This compares to over £16m ‬in donations reported in the same period in 2019. 

Commenting on the information published today, Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation, said: 

“Publishing this data allows voters to see clearly how parties in the United Kingdom are being funded, enhancing public confidence and trust in our democratic processes.

“We welcome the fact that many parties have delivered their donation reports to us on time despite the challenging circumstances caused by Covid-19. Where parties have been unable to meet deadlines for reasons relating to the pandemic, we will continue to work with them to ensure their income remains transparent.” 

Political parties are required to submit quarterly donation and loan returns to the Electoral Commission, and include:

  • donations accepted above the £7,500 threshold (£1,500 for accounting units)
  • smaller donations from a single donor which add together to exceed the reporting threshold 
  • donations which ought to have been reported in previous quarters; and
  • impermissible donations they have received and the action taken in relation to these.

Where impermissible donations have been returned, or donations have been accepted in a previous quarter and reported late to the Commission, the amount reported by a party in the last quarter may exceed the total accepted.

For the first time, donation and loan reports from this quarter also include furlough payments from HM Treasury which are included in the public funds category. 

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