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Liam Fox launches toolkit for MPs to help boost UK exports

The toolkit will provide MPs with the resources and information needed to encourage local businesses to begin their export journey or expand their global reach.

Members of Parliament were urged to become ‘local trade ministers’ yesterday (Wednesday 17 July) as the Department for International Trade (DIT) launched a toolkit to help MPs promote UK exports.

Launched as part of DIT’s ‘Exporting is GREAT’ campaign, the MP Toolkit will provide MPs with the resources and information they need to help businesses in their constituencies realise their exporting potential – whether that’s celebrating local exporters on social media, sharing regional trade statistics, hosting trade promotion or networking events or directing local businesses to DIT for exporting advice and financial support.

The toolkit was shared with MPs at a launch event in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Room from 11am to 12pm. All Members of Parliament were welcome to attend.

Dr Fox made opening remarks to fellow MPs during the launch event, saying:

We have a responsibility to help our constituencies prepare for the future. And for all the successes of the UK economy, we must acknowledge that the headwinds in the global economy are blowing strong.

One of the best preparations we can make to deal with these headwinds is ensuring the UK’s export performance is as strong as it possibly can be: to build resilience, help our businesses grow, create jobs and boost wages.

He also addressed the significance of the MP Toolkit, saying:

My Department estimates that 19% of UK registered businesses have goods or services which could be sold overseas but currently aren’t.

As MPs we can help rectify this by acting as trade ministers for our constituencies: encouraging businesses to start exporting by making them aware of the benefits, informing them of the support available and putting them in touch with that support.


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