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Lib Dem Manifesto commits to secure global leadership in technology

techUK CEO Julian David comments on the 2015 Liberal Democrat Manifesto

Launched today, the Liberal Democrat Manifesto contained a range of policy commitments that will catch the eye of the UK technology industry. With a desire to back the UK's digital economy through 'Securing global leadership in technology', the manifesto acknowledges that tech companies are driving UK economic success and growing at a rate of over 10% a year. The document lays out plans to double innovation spending, expand 'digital-by-default' approaches to public services, support fast-growing tech 'scale-ups', and develop the UK's regional strengths in technology.

Commenting on the Liberal Democrat Manifesto, techUK CEO Julian David said, "The Liberal Democrat Manifesto contains a raft of commitments that have at their core a recognition that tech and digital are driving the future economic success of the UK economy. It's right that parties recognise the importance of having the right skills and expertise to maximise the potential of tech across the UK There are also thoughtful pledges on the next wave of digital public services, including at local government level. The Manifesto gives attention to important questions arising about the expiry of DRIPA surveillance powers in 2016. techUK will continue to make the case for a clear legal framework that outlines how Government and industry work together on this area."

This insight is part of techUK's wider engagement with all political parties ahead of the 2015 General Election, building on our asks of the next potential government as laid out in Securing our Digital Future: the techUK manifesto for Growth and Jobs 2015-2020.

Comment on the Conservative Manifesto can be read here.

Comment on the Labour Manifesto can be read here.

techUK will be providing further analysis on all main party manifestos later this week.

For press queries, contact Lucie Smith. To find out about techUK's policy work, contact Charlotte Holloway.

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