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Libraries empowering Europe!

On 9 and 10 May 2016, the annual European library gathering took place in The Hague, World Library Capital. Directors and Presidents of major European libraries and associations as well as policy-makers and representatives of ministries joined on the topic of “Empowering Europe! Libraries opening up new perspectives”.

Fotographer: Bas Kijzers 

Over 90 participants from all over Europe addressed the cutting-edge issues around libraries in a European environment, in the context of civic participation, library advocacy and open access. An actual topic is opening up libraries to the outside world, especially in relation to jobs and growth.

The European challenge

Research has shown that 24 million Europeans have participated in non-formal learning activities in libraries, while 4,6 million have accessed the Internet for the first time in a library. 250.000 people find new jobs by going online. Libraries are invaluable to the 23 million people who are currently unemployed on our continent.

Libraries are still one of the most frequented public spaces in our society. They develop and deliver innovative programmes and services. That will be demonstrated during an exhibition to be hosted in the European Parliament in October during the EU Code Week.

EBLIDA and its partners NAPLE, IFLA, LIBER and PL2020 are working together towards  practical solutions based on library experience and expertise. All participants are encouraged to be real library ambassadors for a creative and empowered Europe.

Involved and committed citizens are the best ambassadors for effective public services and libraries are the very place where it is happening. Every day, throughout Europe.

You can read the full report of the annual European library gathering here: Report Libraries empowering Europe!


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