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Linking people with places

Recording of techUK’s improving local public services through data-driven approaches briefing

The latest event in techUK’s demystifying data in local public services series looked at how local authorities and their supplier partners can be utilise Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) to provide a wealth of insight and enablement for local authority decision making.

We were joined by Nadira Hussain, Director of leadership development and research at Socitm, Luke Studden, Data Integration and Development Manager at GeoPlace and Riley Marsden, Business Intelligence Technical Solutions Lead, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. The session walked through what the UPRN / Address data actually is, how you can use it and access it as well as some of the real-world applications and benefits it has created.

Nadira discussed how Socitm is supporting the ethical use of data and data insights effectively to make informed decisions and support ethical change as part of wider place-based post covid recovery. Luke and Riley outlined how UPRNs facilitate data linking within a local authority context and how this can be used to create a rich picture of intelligence for analytical and project needs.

You can watch the full recoding below.

If you'd like to get involved in a future event in techUK's demystifying data in local public services series get in touch with Georgina Maratehftis.


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