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Looking ahead to National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion Week 2020 starts on Monday September 28th with a focus on this year’s theme of ‘Each One Reach One’.

It’s about bringing people and organisations together to connect and inspire each other – reaching out to ensure inclusion is a natural part of our everyday activities.

The NDA group’s focus on diversity and inclusion is one of the most important parts of our cultural change journey. We are committed to transforming our work environments into places where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where differences in thought and experience are encouraged.

David Peattie, the NDA’s Chief Executive and Patron of Women in Nuclear, yesterday said:

I am devoted to making the NDA group a great place to work - diversity is good for our people and our mission.

Our next generation will expect that their organisations encourage and embrace differences in backgrounds and opinions, and will choose to work for organisations that do.

Having a diverse workforce helps us to think in more diverse ways, which is an essential part of the approach we need to address our complex challenges. Organisations that bring different skills and capabilities together allow for better problem solving, decision-making and increased levels of creativity and innovation.

Culture change takes time and we’re all responsible for treating others with dignity and respect – not just because it’s National Inclusion Week of course - but every day.



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