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MAA External Audit Panel report 2014 (MEAP 14)

The Director General Defence Safety Authority and Director Military Aviation Authority comment on the 2014 MAA External Audit Panel report.

In the Nimrod Review, the Hon. Sir Charles Haddon-Cave recommended that an independent audit of the MAA should be conducted to report on implementation of the review recommendations, once the organisation had been established and begun to drive the necessary changes across the Defence Air Environment (DAE).

The first audit was carried out in 2012 and proposed a further audit in 2014 to assess the MAA’s response to their recommendations. This second audit was conducted 10 to 21 November 2014.

The MEAP 14 consisted of representatives from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s Safety and Regulation Group, US Army Airworthiness Authority, the French DSAÉ and BIS. The report can be found here .

AM Richard Garwood, Director General of the Defence Safety Authority (DG DSA), who was DG MAA at the time of the audit writes:

I welcome the findings presented in the MAA External Audit Panel (MEAP 14) report.

It is a positive indication of the MAA’s continuing progression towards our vision to be a world class military Air Safety regulatory and assurance organisation. Of particular note is the finding that the remaining Haddon-Cave review recommendations have been implemented, as intended, and that the risks identified in the MEAP 12 have been addressed.

The MAA, however, recognises that there is still progress to be made; although much has been achieved (as reflected in this report). As the MAA continues to mature as an organisation so must our efforts to apply appropriate regulation that supports the front line in the delivery of safe and effective operational output. I am delighted that our achievements in this area were recognised in the MEAP.

AVM Paul Atherton, Director Military Aviation Authority (D MAA) comments:

The report noted the transition of the MAA into the newly formed Defence Safety Authority. Bringing together the 6 defence safety regulators into one organisation, under single leadership, will provide greater clarity, more effective and coherent assurance, and improve collaboration between (and coherence across) regulated domains.

We are committed to engaging fully with this process and are focussed on continuing the good work that has allowed us to develop as an organisation.


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