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MAC committee warn of social care staffing crisis

The Migration Advisory Committee yesterday warned that the social care sector faces “stark consequences” when freedom of movement ends in the midst of the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Many frontline roles are ineligible for the Post-Brexit Skilled worker route, and the roles are on the official list of job shortages in the UK. There are fears that as EU workers leave the UK, role will need to be replaced by UK workers, and the committee make a compelling case to raise salaries to support this recruitment.

Social care is one of a number of sectors that continues to show high job demand, despite the economic shock we are currently facing. We are working with employers and workers in the social care sector, to better understand how to support people to enter and progress through a rewarding career path with an opportunity to vastly improve the lives of others.

Many people may find themselves out of work or looking to learn new skills and change career, and it is important that we support people to be able to do this. People who may have lost jobs in industries hit hard by the pandemic are likely to already have some of the skills that are in high demand from social care employers, such as customer service and teamwork. We will be launching an initiative to specifically support such career changes in the coming weeks

Through our Go the Distance offer, NCFE wants to see all young people being given the opportunity to succeed, no matter their circumstances. Read more about our solutions here, including packages of qualifications, schemes of work, sessions plans, learning resources and more.


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