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MEPs to debate whether Palestine should be recognised as a state

A large majority of MEPs clearly favoured a two state solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in a debate with the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Wednesday. But whilst they agreed on wishing to see a safe Israeli state living side by side with a viable democratic Palestinian one, they disagreed on whether it is appropriate to recognise Palestinian statehood unilaterally at this stage.

Some MEPs argued that the current status quo must be broken and that the time is right for EU member states to recognise Palestinian statehood so as to promote the peace process further, whereas others said that the unilateral recognition at this stage would complicate the prospects for renewed peace talks and further exacerbate divisions in the region.

Recognition must be mutual between the Palestinians and the Israelis, they argued.

Many MEPs also called for a greater involvement of the EU and also of other Middle East countries.

Parliament’s vote on a resolution on the recognition of Palestinian statehood was postponed to the December plenary session.

You can watch the recording of the debate on EP Live (link to the right).


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