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Major Projects Authority annual report shows improvements to government projects

The government’s third annual report into its most significant projects has been published.

The government’s Major Projects Authority (MPA) published its annual report. This is part of an on-going commitment to improve project management and transparency for taxpayers, as well as making greater efficiency savings.

Taxpayers’ money should be spent improving the public services they rely on most, and yesterday’s MPA report shows the government has made much progress. The majority of our most complex projects are moving steadily towards completion.

Publishing an independent review of government projects makes sure ministers know exactly where taxpayers’ money is being spent. By being fully open and transparent, we are improving standards.

The MPA uses a traffic light system, ranging from green for projects with low risks to success, to red for projects facing serious challenges. Over the last year, the green/amber and red ratings of 53 projects have improved. The government has made significant progress on crucial projects that will improve transport, security and public services across the country.

We have successfully completed a number of projects over the last year. These include the Home Office’s National Crime Agency and The Cabinet Office’s Electoral Registration Transformation Programme.

Tony Meggs, Interim Chief Executive of the MPA, said:

Major projects in government represent a significant part of the taxpayers’ investment in the future of our country – building infrastructure, enhancing the way that government interacts with its citizens and improving efficiency across the public sector. Major projects are always hard to deliver; the scope and scale of government projects make them uniquely challenging. I’m pleased with the progress we have been making in major project performance across all areas of government, saving money and delivering benefits for taxpayers. As ever though, there is always room for improvement.

View the government’s major projects data.


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