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Making creative learning accessible to all

Technology Triumphs is a distance learning based tuition service from qualified and experienced teachers, who aim to make creative learning more accessible to all.

Design Technology teachers, Pip Rothwell and Deborah Hayward, set up Technology Triumphs in October 2018 originally providing tuition to just 5 home-educated children in creative portfolio building. Realising there were very few options for home-educated children to access affordable tuition that led towards formal qualifications within creative and practical subjects, they made the decision to work with NCFE to deliver qualifications in this sector.

In August 2019 Technology Triumphs took steps to make online provisions for one of the NCFE qualifications, at the request of one parent. Fast-forward to a little over a year later and the organisation is now working with 300 children nationwide (as well as overseas) and delivering 6 NCFE qualifications.

A unique learning experience

Pip Rothwell, Founder and Managing Director at Technology Triumphs, yesterday commented:

“Our ethos is to make creative learning accessible to all, and we aim to do this through delivering creative and practical qualifications from NCFE. We currently deliver Level 1 and 2 qualifications in Creative Craft, Cookery and Textiles.

“The vast majority of our learners are home-educated children, many of them have additional needs or learning styles that mainstream schools have not been able to cater for. Ultimately there is a huge range of reasons that children are home-educated and we make it our mission to cater for as many children as possible, in line with our ethos mentioned above.

“The feedback we are regularly receiving from parents is that of deepest gratitude. Parents have reached out to us to thank us, advising that there is ‘nothing else out there like this’. Children are engaging with learning and confidence is growing. For a lot of children this is the first engagement with formal learning that they have had for some time. Many have reported that they now have a route towards their next steps that was otherwise denied to them.”

Invaluable support

Pip continued:

“We chose to work with NCFE as we both had experience of working with NCFE in previous roles within schools. We especially appreciate the excellent customer support, with general enquiries responded to quickly and efficiently.

“The support given by our External Quality Assurer, Maria, has been invaluable. I genuinely look forward to contact from Maria as she is extremely helpful and supportive. She has contributed to our success by advising on processes to enable us to put our provisions online, ensuring that our business is sustainable but more importantly, enabling us to help more young people.

“As Technology Triumphs grows, we look forward to exploring other qualifications with NCFE to allow us to broaden our provisions and provide more options to home-educated children.”

Claire Bridger, Account Executive at NCFE, commented: “It’s been a pleasure to have supported Technology Triumphs in finding the right qualifications from the very start on their on-boarding journey with NCFE. Pip’s passion for creative crafts and vision to provide a regulated provision to the home-educated market has enabled a number of young people to progress and advance their learning, even in such challenging times. Technology Triumphs are an inspiration in the sector and I look forward supporting them to explore other qualifications with NCFE in the future.”

To find out more about NCFE qualifications in Creative Craft, visit QualHub.


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