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Manchester employers unite to support pregnant women and new parents

A new regional network, supported by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, will offer events tailored to high-growth industries, including technology and the arts.

Already hundreds of employers across the country are benefitting from being a member of the Working Forward initiative, with access to free best practice resources and a thriving network of support.

Manchester has a rich history of leading the way when it comes to gender equality, which is why this region has been chosen to spearhead the Working Forward coalition to support pregnant women and new parents.

Mr Burnham said:

“We want to work with a range of partners to put Greater Manchester out in front. Greater Manchester will be the first city region to commit to driving down pregnancy and maternity discrimination, making the region’s workplaces the best they can be for working parents.”

Major employers in the region, such as the Co-op Bank, have already signed the Working Forward pledge, with others expected to do so shortly.   

As well as helping local employers to support working parents, the coalition also offers practical tools to address the root causes of the gender pay gap.

In the coming weeks the Equality and Human Rights Commission will be announcing a series of regional Working Forward events for employers and employees.

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For further information please email the Working Forward Greater Manchester team.

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