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Ministry of Justice seeks views on support for male sexual abuse survivors

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is giving male survivors of sexual abuse a chance to have their say about the sort of support they'd like to receive.

Earlier this year the government committed £500,000 to the first dedicated fund to support male victims of rape and sexual abuse. MOJ is now asking for people’s views to help shape how this new pot of money is spent.

Using Dialogue, an online crowd-sourcing tool, MOJ is seeking the views of those who will benefit from this fund on the type of support that would best help them. MOJ is also interested in hearing from the friends and families of male survivors of sexual abuse, as well as charities and organisations who provide support to them. This is part of the government’s aim to ensure that its policies are well designed by encouraging stakeholders and the public to participate in the policy making process.

In February, MOJ launched the #breakthesilence campaign on social media to raise awareness of the fund and encourage male survivors to speak out about their experiences. The campaign was backed by TV soap Hollyoaks which is running a controversial storyline on the subject.

The Dialogue closes on 13 July. Take part and submit your ideas.

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