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Mixed week of rain, wind and snow

This week will see unsettled weather for many. There will be some snow and ice at first, mainly in the north, but conditions will turn milder later in the week.

A number of National Severe Weather Warnings are in place for wind, snow and ice and there is a chance more warnings will be issued as the week progresses.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Dan Suri, said: “An area of low pressuremoving eastward has brought a mild, and blustery start to the week for much of England and Wales, with showers and some coastal gales. However, an Arctic maritime air mass reasserted itself from the north late yesterday bringing with it another dose of snow  and frosty nights for some.  

“As we head through the second half of the week conditions turn milder, wetter and windier from the west. This change to milder conditions will be preceded by some snow over parts of northern England and Scotland later on Wednesday, mainly over higher ground.”

Further ahead

Much of the UK will become milder for a time, but there is potential for colder conditions to linger across northern Scotland, bringing a continued risk of snow at times, mainly to higher ground, but perhaps to low levels too. Where the boundary between mild and cold weather lies over the weekend is subject to some uncertainty at the moment. 

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