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More support for hard-to-reach EU citizens living in Wales

As the latest figures on applications to the UK government’s EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) are published, Counsel General Jeremy Miles announced more new funding for councils in Wales to boost numbers of applications from their area.

The release published by the Home Office shows another 6000 applications from EU citizens living in Wales were received last month.

Up to the end of January 2020, a total of 50,100 applications had been submitted from EU Citizens in Wales – a jump from 44,100 at the end of December.

All EU citizens and their families living in Wales must apply to the Home Office scheme by 30 June 2021 to protect their rights to continue to live and work here.

Funding announced yesterday, worth more than £220,000, will support every council in Wales to step up local outreach, and to tackle barriers to help those who still aren’t aware of the need to apply, or are struggling to apply.

Reacting to the latest official EUSS statistics, Counsel General and Brexit Minister Jeremy Miles said:

I’m pleased to see another significant rise in the numbers applying from Wales, which shows our efforts are working, but we want to see more applications across all parts of Wales.

That’s why we’ve made more funding available to every council in Wales to raise awareness of this scheme in their area, and increase the number of people applying.

Each council will be free to choose the best way to support their residents, whether through events, leaflets or introducing more digital application centres with scanning facilities, but it’s so important we’re all pulling together in the right direction.

We’ve always been clear that EU citizens who have made their home in Wales are welcome here. This is your home, we want you to stay.

If you think you might need to apply, or know someone else who might, there is advice and support available to you, so that you can continue to make Wales your home.

Further information on the support available to EU citizens living in Wales can be found on the Welsh Government’s Preparing Wales website.

Preparing Wales to leave the EU

Channel website: http://gov.wales

Original article link: https://gov.wales/more-support-for-hard-to-reach-eu-citizens-living-in-wales

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