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Most Wanted fugitive Shane O'Brien arrested in Romania

One of the UK’s most wanted men, Shane O’Brien, has been detained in Romania.

The 31-year-old is wanted by the Metropolitan Police Service in connection with the murder of Josh Hanson at a bar in Hillingdon, London, in October 2015.

O’Brien fled the UK shortly afterwards and ever since has been the subject of an international manhunt involving the National Crime Agency, the MPS and law enforcement agencies across Europe.

He was arrested this afternoon by officers from the Romanian National Police. Extradition proceedings will now begin.

O’Brien is the 83rd person to be located out of 96 publicised through Operation Captura, a multi-agency initiative led by the NCA and Crimestoppers to track down fugitives. He also featured on the NCA’s Operation Return and Europol’s most wanted campaigns.

Ian Cruxton, Head of International Operations for the NCA, said:

“O’Brien has spent several years looking over his shoulder as he has been at the centre of an extensive operation to track him down.

"I’m delighted that the pressure brought to bear by this has finally resulted in him being captured as a result of close working with the Romanian authorities.

“I hope his arrest offers some comfort to the family and friends of Josh Hanson.”

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