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NCA investigation into the sale of NAMA’s NI loan book update

As of 27 September:

  • NCA officers have interviewed seven people under criminal caution
  • Six of the seven remain under investigation and criminal suspects
  • More than 40 witnesses have been interviewed
  • We have conducted eight searches of properties.
  • We have obtained Court Orders to obtain materials from public and private institutions.
  • In May this year we arrested and interviewed two people under caution, who were subsequently released from police bail.

The investigation is a High Priority operation on the UK Serious and Organised Crime grid and covers:

  • The actual NAMA NI loan book purchase and dispersal of fees offshore;
  • The nature, extent and probity of the relationships and roles of persons involved in the process, including allegations of corruption.
  • The broader NAMA NI loan book portfolio sale process, including previous purchase attempts and;
  • Offences suspected of having been committed under UK law.

NCA deputy director Roy McComb has recently briefed the Northern Ireland Finance Minister, in confidence, on the progress of the investigation.

Since July 2015 the NCA has provided three confidential briefings to Northern Ireland Assembly’s  Finance Committee.

We are investigating matters within UK jurisdiction and co-ordinating with law-enforcement agencies in Ireland, Isle of Man and the US as appropriate.

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