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NEPO retrofit solutions perfect for decarbonisation funding

Public sector organisations that are bidding for decarbonisation funding are encouraged to get in touch with NEPO to find out what retrofit solutions could help them reach their net-zero ambitions.

Photo of solar panels at sunset with text alongside reading: Working towards net-zero? We're here to help your Public Sector organisation find retrofit and decarbonisation solutions that work for you.

Following the opening of Phase 3c of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme by Salix Finance, NEPO are offering several fully compliant routes to market for public sector organisations to carry out retrofit and decarbonisation works.

Jane Turner, recently said:

“We have a wide range of suppliers, from SMEs to larger regional contractors, available through our solutions. If you're interested in the assessment, installation and delivery of low carbon retrofit measures including solar, heat pumps, lighting and insulation, then it’s worth checking out our solutions.”

Two construction solutions are available, including:

In addition to NEPO’s construction solutions, the NEPRO3 framework provides access to specialist professional services that can help with a wide range of services including accessing funding and designing for retrofit and decarbonisation works. To find out more, contact Phil Hancock, NEPRO Relationships & Partnerships Specialist:


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