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A new three party agreement between Ordnance Survey (GB), Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and Land and Property Services (LPS) Northern Ireland is set to improve access and availability of mapping services for customers and government users operating across the UK and Ireland.

The agreement will enable each of the national mapping organisations, for the first time, to act as a single point of access for customers choosing to view digital mapping from any of the three organisations via their web service platforms.

On 28 May senior figures from the three organisations met in Belfast to officially sign the TriOS agreement. The agreement was signed by Mick Cory (Director of Mapping LPS), Colin Bray (CEO, Ordnance Survey Ireland) and Neil Ackroyd (Acting CEO, Ordnance Survey).

The new agreement is expected to benefit business and government users of location data. From large utility and commercial companies to key government departments and media organisations operating across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Neil Ackroyd, Acting CEO of Ordnance Survey, said: “This new agreement will significantly benefit customers who use, and rely on, mapping data from any of the three regions. Web services provided by the organisations can now be developed to act as a one-stop shop, delivering efficiencies and effective working for both business and government users.”

Mick Cory, Director of Mapping LPS said: “Businesses and government increasingly operate across borders. This is a solution that meets an emerging demand for Ordnance Survey information across these islands. It has the potential to meet future uses and demands, including open data and new services.”

Colin Bray, CEO, Ordnance Survey Ireland said: “I welcome this exciting new development with our fellow national mapping agencies. OSi has successfully worked with many organisations in the past and this new service will allow customers from all locations to reap the benefits of OSi’s MapGenie Web service and new data model, PRIME2, from a single access point. We look forward to working on this collaborative project.”

It is expected that the new service will be opened from late 2015.

Picture caption:
Senior figures from Land & Property Services (LPS) Ordnance Survey (GB) and Ordnance Survey Ireland met in Belfast on 28 May to sign the TriOS agreement. The new agreement between the three organisations is set to improve availability and access to mapping services for customers and government users operating across the UK and Ireland.

Pictured (standing L-R): Neil Ackroyd, Acting CEO Ordnance Survey (GB) and Mick Cory, Director of Mapping LPS.

Pictured (seated L-R): Colin Bray, CEO Ordnance Survey Ireland and Colum Boyle, Chief Executive LPS

For media enquires please contact:

Ordnance Survey:

Ordnance Survey Ireland:

  • Hugh Mangan, General Manager Business & Marketing Department, on +353 87 4101820 orhugh.mangan@osi.ie
  • Tony Murphy, Market Development Manager, Ordnance Survey Ireland on +353 87 9079227 or tony.murphy@osi.ie

Northern Ireland media enquiries:

  • DFP Communications Office on 028 9081 6724 or 028 9081 6725. For out of office hours please contact the Duty Press Officer via pager number 07699 715 440 and your call will be returned.


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