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NHS Confederation - CQC’s new monitoring approach sets out welcome next steps which now need to be realised

Danny Mortimer, deputy chief executive of the NHS Confederation, responds to the CQC’s statement on developing their monitoring approach.

“We previously welcomed the overall direction of the CQC’s strategy which marked an important change in approach with a focus on improvement and learning, and emphasis on inspecting systems and patient pathways. This, we felt, was a balanced reflection of the realities of greater integration and improved system working for the benefit of patients, and sets out a path for other regulators to also follow.

“The statement from the Chief Inspectors helpfully sets out the next steps for more targeted regulatory activity. Navigating those next steps will need to account for a health and care sector confronting the toughest conditions it has ever faced.  It will also need to recognise that systems are encouraging candour as to the risks they collectively face, particularly in light of the inequalities highlighted during the pandemic.

"The challenge now is to translate a thoughtful and considered strategy into proportionate and nuanced regulatory assessments and we look forward to working with the CQC to help them translate their strategy into practice.”

Statement from our Chief Inspectors on developing our monitoring approach

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/cqcs-new-monitoring-approach-sets-out-welcome-next-steps-which-now-need-be-realised

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