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NHS Confederation - Discharge measures will help to find much-needed extra capacity

Miriam Deakin, director of policy and strategy at NHS Providers, commented on behalf of the Community Network in response to NHS England and NHS Improvement’s letter on improving discharge patient flow 

“Delays in discharging people when they are well enough to go home with support or into community care settings are creating challenges at a time when the Covid emergency is putting unprecedented strain on services across the NHS. Every day enough patients are admitted to fill 30 hospitals.

“This package of measures will help to find much needed extra capacity to enable patients to leave hospital when they are well enough. This is better for patients and frees up beds for those that need them. 

“Not all of these options will be right for all areas or all patients so it is good to see the necessary local flexibility including on the use of hotels to allow system leaders to do what’s best for their communities.

“While these welcome measures will go a considerable way to speeding up safe discharges, there are other factors – such as staffing resilience – which will be harder to overcome, not least given the long term underinvestment in community services and social care, which we hope to see put right in the Budget."

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/2021/01/discharge-measures-will-help-to-find-much-needed-extra-capacity

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