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NHS Confederation - Everyone should have equal and high-quality access to health care.

Matthew Taylor responds to the Nuffield Trust & NHS Race and Health Observatory analysis.

Responding to new analysis by the Nuffield Trust and the NHS Race and Health Observatory, hosted by the NHS Confederation, Matthew Taylor chief executive of the NHS Confederationsaid: 

“This analysis once again throws into stark relief the effect the pandemic has had on widening health inequalities across the country and notably in creating an ever-growing gap in health disparities for some communities particularly those from different ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

“It is particularly concerning that it highlights variation in planned NHS care in some ethnic minority groups, something which leaders across the NHS are continuing to work hard to address.

“Everyone should have equal and high-quality access to health care and we need to see a commitment from the government to tackle these issues head on.”

Nuffield Trust: Pandemic worsened ethnic disparities in hospital care

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/everyone-should-have-equal-and-high-quality-access-health-care

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