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NHS Confederation - Immigration announcement provides no obvious solution for social care

Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive of NHS Employers, which is part of the NHS Confederation, and co-convenor of the Cavendish Coalition, responded to the Government announcement of a new points-based immigration system 

"This announcement is positive for the NHS but it is of great concern that it provides no obvious solution for social care.

"If care homes close their doors or home care services are reduced because they don’t have the right numbers of staff to deliver the care needed, people and their families will suffer even greater problems accessing vital services and support.

"Creating a points based system provides the opportunity for the UK to design an immigration system which works for society and the economy. Looking beyond qualifications and salary in how this is designed will be critical. The growing demand for social care and the continued absence of a longer term funding settlement for the sector means that recruiting care workers from outside the UK in the immediate term is essential. 

"The Cavendish Coalition looks forward to working with Home Office to developing a solution within the new system which supports recruitment into the care sector and provides some certainty in a fragile system, whilst a longer term plan for the sector is delivered."

Home Secretary announces new UK points-based immigration system

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/2020/02/response-to-immigration-policy-announcement

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