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NHS Confederation - Majority of practices continue to offer face-to-face consultations

Dr Graham Jackson, chair NHS Clinical Commissioners and senior clinical adviser at the NHS Confederation, responded to the NHS England letter saying that GP practices must make sure patients can be seen face-to-face when they need such appointments 

“The vast majority of practices have continued to offer face-to-face consultations where clinically appropriate throughout the pandemic.  We should not lose sight of the significant benefits provided by telephone and video consultations and we need to maintain a good balance between face-to-face appointments and remote consultations. Patients’ best interests must be served, this includes protecting them from unnecessary exposure to infection.

“Primary care must find a way of restarting services, preparing for winter and delivering the largest flu vaccination service ever; whilst reflecting the ongoing needs of their patients. 

“CCGs and Primary Care Networks already support general practice to work more collaboratively to manage their workload in a way that is effective for both the practice and the population they serve, so it’s doubly disappointing for all concerned to hear this in the media first rather than receiving the information themselves.”

Original article link: https://www.nhsconfed.org/news/2020/09/face-to-face-consultations

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