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NHS Confederation - Mixed levels of engagement between doctors and NHS managers across Wales

Joint press release: Welsh NHS Confederation and BMA Cymru Wales

NHS employers in Wales have reiterated their commitment to improving the level of engagement with the medical workforce as they publish the results of the national Medical Engagement Scale survey.

For the first time, NHS organisations across Wales invited doctors to take part in the Medical Engagement Scale, which aims to measure the level of engagement across the health service in Wales.

Employers decided to undertake the survey as they knew from research that improved engagement with medical staff leads to better healthcare outcomes for patients and communities. 

The results demonstrate a mixed picture across Wales, with some examples of good medical engagement, involvement and participation and others where there is a need for significant improvement.  

Improving medical engagement is a priority for the NHS in Wales.  NHS organisations are committed to working closely with BMA Cymru Wales to develop strategies for improving engagement between doctors and NHS organisations over the next three years, at which point the measure will be repeated, with progress reports being published on an annual basis.

Sharing a fundamental belief that patients and communities receive better and safer healthcare where excellent engagement exists, NHS organisations and BMA Cymru Wales have both signed up to supporting the NHS Wales Core Principles, which represent the foundation for working together to improve healthcare.

Vanessa Young, Director the Welsh NHS Confederation, said: “Speaking on behalf of NHS organisations in Wales, our commitment to strong medical engagement is clear.  The Medical Engagement Scale has helped us to identify where improvement is needed and we welcome the support of BMA Cymru Wales to work with us on tackling lower levels of engagement with doctors across the service.”

Dr Phil Banfield, Chair BMA Welsh Council, said: “The results of the medical engagement scale did not come as a surprise to our members. As the professional association representing all doctors in Wales, many of these concerns had been raised with us before. 

“We welcome the commitment to improve engagement with the medical workforce, and expect that by the time the Medical Engagement Scale exercise is repeated in three years’ time, there will be a measurable change in the culture of the NHS in Wales, one that is able to report a valued and engaged workforce which is better for patients and that makes Wales an attractive place to train, work and live for doctors.

Medical Engagement Scale - Wales

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