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NHS Confederation: New report lays out central role for independent sector in NHS Sustainability and Transformation plans

New report lays out central role for independent sector in NHS sustainability and transformation plans

The NHS Partners Network (NHSPN) has outlined the critical role that the independent sector has to play in delivering the NHS’s Sustainability and Transformation plans, the 44 blueprints for health and care priorities being overseen by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

In a new report titled ‘Capital, Capacity, and Capability’, NHSPN has identified three core areas where the independent sector can make the greatest contributions in changing the way that the NHS delivers health and care services, and outlines that only through true engagement between the independent sector and localities will the vision set out by the Five Year Forward View be realised. 

 The report identifies the following areas of work that can make the greatest contribution to transforming health and care:

  • Capital – the NHS can supplement publicly available capital funding with external investment to address funding gaps.
  • Capacity – local partners can have access to additional capacity without having to make further capital investment.
  • Capability - the independent sector can use its innovative, flexible approach to services to help the NHS to drive change in the way that care is delivered to patients.

The report states that independent providers want to help build new systems and practices into these local plans and to help make good on the government’s Spending Review commitment to encourage long-term partnerships between the NHS and the private sector.

 David Hare, Chief Executive, NHS Partners network, said:

“Many areas are already working well across organisational boundaries and bringing in for-profit and not-for-profit providers as a matter of routine. Sustaining high quality care that is free at the point of use will depend on opening those doors wider and cooperating more extensively.

“The 2015 Spending Review committed the government to encourage new NHS partnerships with the independent sector and to further develop the capital, capacity and capability brought by independent sector providers. Building on local relationships and collaboration will now be critical to realising the vision set out by the Five Year Forward View.”

Examples of where great collaborative work is already happening to deliver safe and efficient care to patients are outlined in the report. This includes: delivering seven-day services tailored to patients; providing solutions in challenged health economies; strong existing partnerships/investment in paper-free care services; development of technology to support independent living; and up to 30 per cent less reliance on costly agency staff.

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